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I am an independent Television/Film Editor, Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer, and Media Consultant with over 30 years of experience.  


I have completed thousands of hours of original programming for television cable networks, independent film producers, government agencies, corporations, trade associations, and non-profit organizations.  The genres range from long and short documentary films, reality television series, promotional infomercials, educational videos and entertainment productions. 

My edited projects include clients from Discovery Channel, TLC, National Geographic Television, Travel Channel, HGTV, and the Cooking Channel, to name a few.  In addition, I have produced, directed and edited the award-winning documentary short film "Through Chinatown's Eyes: April 1968". I also produced and edited a collection of short films about Chinese American Veterans and a digital archive series called "Flashback: Oral Histories of DC Chinatown"  My passion for storytelling continues to drive me to create content highlighting the immigrant experience in the United States with a primary focus on the Chinese American voice. I have also produced and edited an award winning feature-length documentary called "A Tale of Three Chinatowns". For more information,

I am proficient in High Definition, 2K/4K workflow, and have strong technical knowledge with 3rd party software, compression formats, and DVD authoring.   I can edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, and Final Cut systems.  I also know Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, and Media Encoder.

When I am not editing, I love to travel.  I enjoy shooting landscape photography with my Sony A7III camera. 


I work in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and live in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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